tasting series 004 | april 24th 2019



In our Manifesto, food is the central focus of our commitment to this industry. A meaningful, intentional plate that displays passion and love for layering flavors to balance across the palate. At once what is savory can also have slight sweetness with a bright pop of acidity and crunch to bring texture and contrast. Our mission is simple, cook delicious. The tasting series is our platform to showcase the free wielding side of our passion and present plates that are not found on the main dinner menus. It is our chance to tell you a piece of our food story, the art for which we hold so dear. Each menu consists of 7-9 courses and generally the menu is not released prior to the day of the dinner. We believe dearly in the art of surprise and agree that the best things in life are spontaneous. Part experiment, part development yet always guided by one final judgement: ‘Is this delicious?’.



We often refer to food and beverage as the ‘great connectors’ for which bind us across all races, religions and political dispositions. Our tasting series focuses on the best of the wine and spirit world by concentrating on estate grown and vinted wines in additional to small, micro sourcing distilleries. We believe the best beverages have human hands that guide them through the whole process, from land to bottle, and buck the trend toward factory made wine and spirits. Our wines are almost always from vignerons or well established negociants providing the wonderful harmony of vineyard to bottle. At the Chefs Tasting Series, balance is key as we make our way through a 7-9 course array of flavors and the wines/beverages must not fatigue yet enhance the palate and push you to want more!

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We believe that hospitality is our number one focus as all great restaurants display a love for thoughtful, intentional hospitality that feels warm and welcoming. Our love for people is why we have such great passion for restaurant. All walks of life having all sorts of days come our way each evening and we take it seriously to impact each guest in a positive manor. Our goal is to create lasting friendships and the tasting series is a way to more intimately connect with the guest. Laughter, engaging conversation and most of all love are our main goals!